Mod_yourData is a simple module designed to show visitors exactly what data your Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x site is storing in their browser.

It can be assigned to a custom module position and embedded into your privacy policy using loadposition, or used as you would any other Joomla! module.

The module includes support for displaying the name and value of

  • Cookies
  • Session Storage Objects
  • Locally Stored Objects

The user is able to click displayed objects to delete them from their browser (Note: some cookies aren't accessible with Javascript and so can't be deleted - these are assigned a specific CSS class).

The module configuration options allow you to specify some text to display before the items are listed, as well as to disable any element of the module (including the ability to click and remove).

By default, the module displays a 'Powered By' notice, however this can be disabled in the module configuration.

Summary of features

  • Support for cookies, Session and Local Storage objects
  • Support for one-click removal of displayed items
  • Ability to easily disable the 'Powered By' notice