NOTE: V2 includes an update to implement support for V1.1 of the Twitter API


Mod_BTwitter is, by design, an incredibly simple Twitter feed module - Designed for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x The idea is that it contains sufficient to display tweets on a Joomla based site, without adversely affecting page load speed or insisting on lot's of un-necessary chrome. The three key aims when creating this module were to create a module that

  • Doesn't slow page loads
  • Doesn't contain un-necessary chrome
  • Displayed a users timeline, linking to all URLs, mentions and hashtags

The documentation contains a far better description of what can be configured, however as a brief summary, mod_BTwitter supports

  • Light and Dark Styles
  • Use (or expansion) of URLs
  • Customisable date formats
  • Display of Profile Pic (can be disabled)
  • Direct link to Status Update
  • Display of a 'follow' button
  • Multi-lingual support (partially implemented, no back-end support at this time)
  • Support for caching

This module allows you to display your Twitter feed anywhere on your site, as inline HTML (although the follow button does require an iframe) allowing Search Engines to include that information when they crawl your site.