I was contacted for this, as a result of research I'd previously conducted into the feasibility of delivering high resolution video via encrypted overlay networks (in this case, Tor).

The customer was a small group of people who had an idea, but weren't sure on how best to implement it - the idea being a privacy sensitive service delivering legal adult content, in effect a PornHub without all the tracking and profiling that MindGeek does.

My role was to help them design and develop the infrastructure required to deliver this. This included working out how best to route users who simply cannot be geolocated, in order to achieve the minimal possible latency, as well as designing the CDN upon which it would all be built.

The site worked well on a technical level, and delivered full-HD content over Tor quite successfully. However, the group's plan to financially support the site proved to be a little over-optimistic, and so the site was ultimately shuttered.