Saab Keycase Battery Replacement

If you're sometimes finding that the remote buttons on your Saab key don't work, it's probably that the battery is coming up for replacement.

The key on both the Saab 93 and Saab 95 is essentially a large plastic sheath around a hidden key, with some rubberised buttons on the front.

Replacement of the battery is quick and easy, and follows much the same process as replacing the keycase itself.


You will need

  • A CR2032 battery
  • A small flathead screwdriver (or similar)
  • Your key
Saab 93 KeyCR2032 Button Battery


Before you begin

Either leave the car unlocked, or fetch your spare key (and verify it's working). If you take longer than about 90 seconds to change the battery, the key will need repairing with the car - it's easy enough to do, but you need to be able to get into the car to do it.



Begin by removing the hidden key from the key unit

Saab 93 Keycase sheath

If you look at the top of the unit, you'll see two gaps - one large one (that the key slide into), and just above it a much smaller notch.

The end of the key has a thin flat bit which fits into this notch

If you carefully press the end of the key into that smaller notch and turn it, it'll prise the keycase open. Carefully take it apart the rest of the way.

It's possible the board may also fall out, if it does, you can see how to put it back in correctly here.

Use a small flathead to lever the old battery up, and remove it

Carefully press the new CR2032 into place

And then press the keycase back together.


Re-pairing your Saab key with the car

If your key unit is no longer paired with the car, the remote buttons (lock/unlock) won't work. In order to (re)pair your key with the car

  • use the key blade (or your spare remote) to unlock your car
  • Put this key (i.e. the one you just changed the battery on) into the ignition
  • Start the car

You should now be able to use the remote again



Here's a video of me changing the case on my other key and then re-pairing the key with the car