Finding Vauxhall Paint Codes

Cars come in a weird and wonderful array of colours, which is great until you need to find out which exact shade of touch-up/repair paint you need to order after an issue.

Most manufacturers give shades both a name and a code - "Black Sapphire" (20R) , "Flame Red" (79L) - but, there may be multiple codes/shades within a name.

This documentation details how to find the paint code for a Vauxhall car. In this case, it's a Corsa but the information is available on all models, it's only the location which may change.


Finding the VIN Plate

The VIN plate will usually be fixed in one of the following locations

  • Pillar behind drivers door
  • Pillar behind passenger door
  • On top of the radiator panel

Don't be fooled by the term "VIN Plate" though, it's not uncommon on Vauxhall's for it to be a sticker rather than an actual pressed plate.

The Insignia, Astra J, Zafira Tourer and other more recent models should have the plate on the passenger side, whereas older models like the Corsa D and Vectra will likely have it on the drivers side.


Reading Paint Code

Vauxhall VIN Plate with Paint Code Circled

Just below the line is 3 or 4 characters (on newer models, there'll be a space between the first letter and subsequent).

In this case, the paint code is 20R - "Black Sapphire Pearl".

Although you can usually order based on code alone, if you want to know the name of the paint you can look it up in this list (copy saved here in case it ever goes offline).