Saab Keycase Replacement

The key for both the Saab 93 and 95 is essentially a large plastic sheath around a hidden key with some rubber buttons on the front.

Unfortunately rubber has a tendency to degrade over time, and the buttons eventually either fall out, or collapse in.

Replacement of the keycase is quick and easy, though, this documentation details how to do it, including replacing the battery. For those who prefer following a video, there's also a video tutorial at the bottom of the page


You will need

  • Replacement key case (available on Amazon and Ebay from £4.99)
  • A new CR2032 battery (available pretty much everywhere)

You should only do one key at a time.


Disassembly Procedure

First, remove the key from the sheath by pulling it out

Now, if you look down the end of the case, you should see a small notch in the seam just below where the key slots in

Carefully push the end of the keyblade into that notch and then twist it in order to separate the case.

The circuit board may fall out (as in the picture) or may come away with the button half (as in the video). In the latter case just press on the buttons to press the board out of the case.

The battery is held onto the case by a couple of clips



Take your new case

and separate it.

Clip your new CR2032 battery into place

And then carefully align the circuit board in the other half (note the little black post in the middle and the clips along the edge) making sure the buttons are facing the correct way, then push the board past the clips so that it's held in place

Press the two halves of the case together


Re-Pairing with the Car

Now, if you took too long (more than about a minute and a half, roughly) re-assembling the key you may now find that the remote won't unlock your car.

This simply means the key needs re-pairing with your car's remote unlocking system.

In order to do so:

  • use the key blade (or your spare remote) to unlock your car
  • Put this key (i.e. the one you just changed the battery on) into the ignition
  • Start the car

You should now be able to use the remote again.

Once you're happy this key is working, you're free to do the other one.



Here's a video of me changing the case on my other key