Saab 9-3 Rear Fusebox layout

The rear fusebox is located in the boot, behind the right hand side panel. The panel should just pull outwards and then you'll see the fusebox and rear electrical centre (also the stock amp if it was fitted at the factory).

This documentation details what each of those fuses are. The image is clicky so you can view a larger version if required.

There's another page with details of the front fuse box layout


Saab 93 Rear Fusebox Layout


Fuse Rating Circuit
F1   Maxifuse
F2   Maxifuse
F3   Maxifuse
F4   Maxifuse
F5   Maxifuse
F6 30A LH Rear Door Control unit
F7 30A RH Rear Door Control unit
F8 20A Trailer
F9   Spare
F10 30A High level stop light, trailer light, rear lighting, indicators, reversing lights, boot light
F11   Spare
F12   Spare
F13   Spare
F14 15A Rear Wiper
F15 15A LH Heated Seat
F16 15A RH heated set
F17 7.5A Automatic interrior Mirror, rain sensor
F18 15A Sunroof
F19 7.5A Telematic control unit
F20 7.5A DVD Player
F21 7.5A Rear door control unit, parking sensor control unit
F22 30A Audio Amplifier
F23   Spare
F24 10A Alarm, CD Changer
F25 30A Drivers Electric Seat
F26 30A Rear foglights, number plate light, boot lights, trailer lights, rear lighting, stop lights, indicators, reversing lights
F27   Spare
F28   Spare
F29   Spare