Saab 9-3 Front Fusebox Layout

Below is the ordering and rating of fuses for the Passenger side fusebox (located in the end of the Dashboard) for the Saab 9-3


There is a separate page for fuses in the rear electrical centre

Saab 9-3 fusebox layout

Fuse Rating Circuit
F1 15A Steering Lock
F2 5A Steering Column Control Unit, Ignition Switch
F3 10A CD Player, phone,SID
F4 10A Instrument panel, climate control, air conditioning
F5 7.5A Front door control units, shift level control unit
F6 7.5A Stop light Switch
F7 20A Fusebox, fuel filler cap
F8 30A Front Passenger Door Contorl Unit
F9 10A Passenger Compartment fusebox
F10 30A Accessory and trailer sockets
F11 15A Diagnostic Connector
F12 15A Interior lighting, glovebox light
F13 30A Accessories
F14 20A Audo,Infotainment control panel
F15 30A Drivers door control unit
F16 - Unused
F17 - Unused
F18 7.5A Manual Climate Control
F19 - Unused
F20 7.5A Manual Headlight levelling switch
F21 7.5A Phone, Brake pedal switch, clutch pedal switch, manual climate control
F22 30A Cigarette Lighter Socket
F23 40A Blower Motor
F24 7.5A Airbag Control Unit
F25 - Unused
F26 5A Yaw Sensor
F27 - Unused