videos v0.19.1

Version: 0.19.1

Project Info is used to embed platform agnostic videos into various sites, including and

It provides the means to organise videos as well as to trivially reference them from other locations.

Release Notes

Version 0.19.1 is a bugfix release, it addresses an issue when there are multiple videos embedded on a single page with the new embedding mechanism.

  • Fixes websites/

As of the release of v0.19, embeds should refer only to the minified embed script and should embed using the div method:

<div style="width: 60%">
    <script type="text/javascript" 
    <div class="embedBensPlayer" data-src='2017/201705_Lua_split_string/lua_string_split.mp4_master.m3u8'></div>

Player example

The following player uses release 0.19.1