RequestRouter V0.2

Version: 0.2

Project Info

Request Router is a Request Routing Engine who's default behaviour is as a georouting DNS Load Balancer.


  • Geolocation cost based routing (with overrides)
  • Protocol Aware
  • Delivery Status/Load Aware
  • edns support
  • Wildcard support
  • HTTP Redirect (302) Routing Support
  • Content Optimised Routing in HTTP Routing

Release Notes

Version 0.2 re-introduced HTTP Redirect based routing along with other bugfixes and improvements (including factoring the requested asset into HTTP redirect based routing in order to improve the cache hit rate on reverse proxy based edges)

  • RR-35 - New Feature: Implemented Content Preferential Routing
  • RR-37 - New Feature: HTTP Redirect Routing Support
  • RR-44 - Bugfix: Zero'ed routes can be overridden by ancestor costs
  • RR-46 - New Feature: fqdn-ignore-routes accepts a wildcard
  • RR-47 - New Feature: NO_LEAVE_COUNTRY flag introduced
  • RR-48 - New Feature: NO_LEAVE_LOCATION behaviour optimised