GPXIngest 1.02

Version: 1.02
Code: View 1.02 on Github / Public Repos

Project Info

GPXIngest is a PHP Class designed to ingest GPS Tracking Files and convert them into a nested object. It supports JSON serialisation (and later import) of the ingested data and generates a number of statistics at ingest (such as acceleration rates).

Release Notes

A full list of issues under this version can be found here

New Features

  • Speed calculations based on changes in Geo location, where speed is not directly available
  • Ability to enable/disable Experimental Features
  • Min/Max Latitude and Longitude calculation
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Statistics
  • Elevation Statistics
  • Distance travelled calculations
  • Total Time Moving calculations
  • Metadata Improvements

Bugs Fixed

  • SmartTrack creates a new track for every endpoint
  • Multiple PHP Notices and warnings
  • E_WARNING raised if speed is calculated
  • Multi-track support broken