LocalChat V0.0.2

Version: 0.0.2
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Project Info

Localchat is a simple and lightweight chat application. It's primary purpose (as defined in SC-2) is to provide a means for an Off-The-Record transient chat

It is not designed to be stood up and exposed to the internet at large. Instead, the primary intended means of use is to deploy in on a new system, have user's SSH tunnel in to use it and then discard the system once that chat has completed.

In other words, it's not designed as a generic chat application, but as one to be used for clandestine chats that are hard to monitor/intercept

Release Notes

A full list of issues under this version can be found here

V0.0.2 is the first formal release of LocalChat, as the previous version v0.0.1a simply implemented the PoC capabilities.

New Features

  • Room Admins can kick and ban
  • Basic End to End Encryption support in client
  • Server automatically purges old messages from queue
  • Server will automatically close rooms after predefined period of idleness
  • Direct Messaging support within a room
  • Add verb to message payload - LOC-16
  • Test harness created

Bugs Fixed

  • Users can no longer pretend to be SYSTEM
  • Client will exit with an exception if another user uses the wrong E2E key
  • Users could spoof the sending user's name when sending messages