LocalChat v0.0.1a

Version: 1.0.1a
Code: View 1.0.1a on Github / Public Repos

Project Info

Localchat is a simple and lightweight chat application. It's primary purpose (as defined in SC-2) is to provide a means for an Off-The-Record transient chat

It is not designed to be stood up and exposed to the internet at large. Instead, the primary intended means of use is to deploy in on a new system, have user's SSH tunnel in to use it and then discard the system once that chat has completed.

In other words, it's not designed as a generic chat application, but as one to be used for clandestine chats that are hard to monitor/intercept

Release Notes

V0.0.1a is literally just a Proof of Concept with the bare minimum of chat features

A full list of issues for this version can be viewed here

It implements both the client and the server software, and exists purely as a starting point for the project.

Version 0.0.1a is not considered suitable for production use in any way, and should not be deployed as it lacks numerous protections - ranging from exception handling to E2E encryption.

New Features

  • Client can create rooms
  • Users can be "invited" to an existing room (basically authorising them to join, no invite is sent)
  • Messages in the room flow back and forth
  • Users can leave the room