RequestRouter V0.4

Version: 0.4

Project Info

Request Router is a Request Routing Engine who's default behaviour is as a georouting DNS Load Balancer.


  • Geolocation cost based routing (with overrides)
  • Protocol Aware
  • Delivery Status/Load Aware
  • edns support
  • Wildcard support
  • HTTP Redirect (302) Routing Support
  • Content Optimised Routing in HTTP Routing
  • Aids Delivery Devices in generating Alt-Svc headers to further optimise routing

Release Notes

Version 0.4 implements new features and fixes various bugs

New Features

  • RR-55 - Status checks can run as a SystemD service
  • RR-57 - Ability to override numresults on a per domain basis
  • RR-65 - Alt-Svc Hints API

Bugs Fixed

  • RR-61 - Perm cache doesn't always flush correctly
  • RR-62 - Ignored routes should not be written into perm cache
  • RR-63 - Race: A combination of RR-61 and RR-62 being triggered can lead to an incorrect resultset
  • RR-67 - CLI NO_LEAVE_LOCATION incorrectly limits result set
  • RR-68 - CLI fqdn_settings throws exception