RemoveAMP: v1.4.21

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Project Info

RemoveAMP is a userscript for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey designed to pull in a short snippet of javascript that will attempt to detect Accelerated Mobile Pages when they load, and navigate away from them to the fully functional canonical URLs. If the publisher hasn't specified the canonical, a DuckDuckGo search link will be injected into the page to help you find it.

See the Project README and MISC-25 for more information on why I consider this desirable

Release Notes

Version 1.4.21 follows on from a move to having a dedicated project (FKAMP) within JIRA (rather than being filed under MISC

It does also mean, though, that some disorganisation inherent in the earlier management approach has carried over, but hopefully won't affect later versions.

A full list of issues for this version can be viewed here

Relevant Issues

  • FKAMP-3 - Merged pull request to re-run when "more" is clicked in Google Search results
  • FKAMP-4 - Initial investigation into De-AMP'ing Google News. Introduced new script redirect_to_non_amp_sites.user.js
  • FKAMP-5 - Follow on from FKAMP-4, implementing de-ampification of Google News

Additional Notes

Due to a dedicated project being created in JIRA, a number of earlier issues now have new references, these are detailed below