mod CatImplode

mod_CatImplode is a Joomla module designed to display all articles within a com_content category as one indexed article. It was designed to increase the manageability of API documentation for VehicleFuelTracker.

This article forms the user documentation for the module


You must be running Joomla 3.x (the module should work on 2.5 but is designed for 3.x)


Download / Installing

The module can be obtained from my shop, and is installed in the same manner as any other Joomla extension.


Configuration / Use

Create a new CatImplode module using the module manager and assign the module to a custom position (e.g. APIDocumentationV1).

The following configuration options are available

  • Category - Select the category that the module should retrieve data from
  • Schema - Which schema should be applied to each article listed? Note: The schema must derive from Article
  • additionalSchema - If desired, enter comma seperated key/value pairs containing any additional schema details you want to include. As an example, for schema APIReference you may wish to add "programmingModel=managed".

Save the module.

Finally, create a new com_content article (it can be within the target category, or outside it - it won't include itself so it's up to you) and use {loadposition APIDocumentationV1} to load the module.



All published articles within the specified category (subject to access levels) will be pulled in, and a table of contents will be generated. H3's within an article will be added to the ToC as a subsection and named anchors will be created to allow readers to quickly jump to the main section.

Basic microdata will be added to each included article (you can see an example from VehicleFuelTracker here.)