RPC Ping Plugin

The RPC Ping plugin is a simple Joomla! Extension designed to tell search engines when your sitemap is updated. By default, the plugin triggers whenever you save a com_content item (or a K2 item), but can also be configured to only send an update when new items are added.

This post is the documentation for the plugin.


You must be running Joomla 2.5 or 3.x and PHP Curl must be available (it is on most servers).


Getting the Plugin

You can purchase the plugin from my shop.



Simply upload the installer package through Joomla's Extension Manager, as you would any other extension.



Access the plugin through the Plugin Manager. Search for Ping if you have a lot of plugins installed.

You'll obviously want to set the plugin state to Enabled.


Basic Settings

Sitemap URLS - This option requires full sitemap URLs (i.e. including your domain name). One per line.

Send Pings For - Whether we should ping search engines when content is modified, or only when new items are added

Connection Timeout - This is a per sitemap/search engine setting. What timeout (seconds) should we use if the search engine is slow to respond to the ping? If you have 2 sitemaps and 3 search engines enabled, a setting of 5 means the longest we'll wait for all pings to complete is 30 seconds.


Search Engines

Allows you to specify which Search Engines should be pinged. The plugin currently supports

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Moreover Technologies


Backend Screenshot

The plugin configuration options can be seen in the screenshot below

Issue Tracking

Issue tracking for more recent versions of the plugin can be found on my projects site under project XMLRPCPLG