Making the Move to Chrome

I've been avoiding upgrading my browser for a while, but the time has come - I've been running Firefox 3.6.18 for longer than is necessarily wise and it's really beginning to creak. Slowly but surely, Firefox has been eating more and more memory and taking longer and longer to do what I need it to.

I avoided Firefox 4.0 thanks to their decision to follow Chrome in buggering the user interface, and had been dreading changing.

But it looks like Firefox and I will be parting ways, despite my concerns about Google's view on Privacy Chrome does seem to be the way forward for me

Whatever happens I'm going to have to get used to a lobotomised interface, and as every release of Firefox seems to get more and more bloated I may as well take the opportunity to try something else out.

Opera, sadly, was never really a contender for a number of reasons, but I never envisaged that I might actually adopt Chrome as anything more than a browser to test sites in.

As it turns out, Chrome and I are getting on quite well, and unless Mozilla really turn things around I suspect if might be quite a while before I use Firefox for anything other than testing again.

It's a pity, but when I hit the point that Firefox is trying to each 2GB of RAM to run (for me) very few windows, it's time to call time. I did everything I could to keep that browser going, Firebug became a casualty quite early on but even with no add-ons running and a conservative view on the number of tabs open, Firefox just didn't want to keep up!

Can't say I'm that keen to bother keeping up with their idea of releasing a new major version quite so regularly either, it's a bit too Apple for my liking.


All things come to an end I guess.