A Developers Point of View on PHPScheduleit

I've been asked to add some fields to PHPScheduleit for a client, and now that I'm midway through the process I'd like to reflect a little on the project as a whole;



Recently, I've found myself getting very frustrated at just how difficult it can be to work with someone else's code, whether that's because they don't seem to understand databases or because of bizarre coding practices. I don't claim to be the worlds best developer, but I do hold other people to a high standard!

With PHPScheduleit, this hasn't been a problem. The guys over there have done a fantastic job and their code is nothing short of a breeze to work with! Its a reasonably large codebase, so by now I could easily have stressed myself bald but because the code is well commented, logically laid out and generally follows best practices I've been thoroughly enjoying working on it.

So for anyone looking at implementing a resource booking system, I'd strongly recommend looking at PHPScheduleit even if you need to add a few fields to the database. As long as you know PHP and are used to Object Orientated Programming you really shouldn't struggle at all.


To the devs behind it, if you're reading - Thanks! I've been so close to going out of my mind recently, but this latest task has reminded me just why I Software Development so much!