When did Project Management become such a buzzword?

I remember, not that long ago, very little planning went into many activities. Software development was done (almost) on the back of a fag packet, reorganisations in the office were planned on paper or verbally.

Now, however, everyone's into Project Management! This isn't a bad thing until you try to find a PM solution to meet your needs, it used to be difficult because there were but a few solutions available. Now, it's difficult because there's just too much available!

As an individual, I don't need too many features, and don't want the storage overhead of a all-in-one solution.

In fact, at this point, all I'm interested in is a replacement for BUGGER. I've been searching for a good portion of the day, and found every package had (as a rule) one of two drawbacks;

  • Too big a package
  • Wouldn't allow anonymous access to files etc.

All I'm actually after is a suite to manage my personal projects, track bugs and host release files and/or documentation. It should be such a simple request, and yet there seems to be nothing out there!

Instead of a quick solution, I appear to have little choice but to bring BUGGER up to date. The only upside to this being that I should be able to import the database into my final solution.


Seems to me that everyone is talking about Project Management, and yet very few people are thinking outside the box when it comes to developing solutions! That said, I'll be largely tailoring BUGGER to my needs, so I can't criticise too strongly!