Changes to the site

Over the last week or so, I've implemented some improvements to the site. Some (like the change in default colours) are obvious, others a more subtle


Aesthetic Changes

I've had a lot of feedback on the aesthetics of the site, and whilst I prefer light text on a dark background, it would see I'm part of a minority! The ability to switch the colour scheme has been there since launch (although as I type this, I notice I've used the American spelling of colour on the switch!), but I've changed the default from light-on-dark to dark-on-light.

Following similar feedback, I've changed the default font.

If like me, you preferred it the way it was, you can change it back by using the Switch Colours and Geek Font switches on the left-hand side of the site.


Reduced Use of Cookies

We're all told that cookies are evil, and whilst I consider that it's more an issue of what some do with cookies, I can understand that people don't want a million and one cookies set whenever they visit a site. I've little control over what third party services do, but am working to ensure my site doesn't set any more cookies than is absolutely necessary.

All the new options on the left-hand side of the screen now use Locally Stored Objects. In reality, I consider LSO's as being potentially as dangerous as cookies when misused, but at least they aren't sent to the server without a bit of Javascript requesting them!


Privacy Information

Tying in with reducing the use of cookies, I wanted to make sure visitors are able to see what data is being stored, so I've implemented a new page called 'Your stored data'. This page will run a piece of javascript and list all Cookies and Locally Stored Objects created by  By clicking a displayed item you can delete it, though I can't guarantee it won't be reset by the next page you visit!

There are currently some limitations (some cookies aren't available by Javascript and so aren't currently displayed), but I plan on improving the functionality very soon.


Privacy Options

Although many find them useful, one of the biggest culprits for setting cookies on is the social media icons. Using the new option on the left, you can block all social media icons from loading - the exception being the three icons in the bottom left of the site - these are simply images on my server and will never set cookies.

Similarly, as I know some object to Google Analytics, I've provided the option to block it. If you're considering this, you might prefer to opt-out of Google Analytics though, as this will take effect across the Internet.


Future Improvements

 I've got a fair few improvements planned, some imminently (like correcting the spelling of colour!) others longer term. I'll be rolling them out as I develop them.