New Service: Vehicle Fault Code Reading

I'm offering a new service in the Suffolk (UK) area - Engine On Board Diagnostic Code (Fault Code) Reading.

I can read all fault codes on any Petrol or Diesel car newer than 1996 and also on some older cars. All cars manufactured since 2001 are required to support OBDII (OBD2) so any car newer than 2001 can definitely be checked.

I charge a fixed price (see below) for this service, no per-code charges! Price includes reading and resetting codes. Service Light reset is charged at a different rate, but is cheaper if I'm reading other fault codes.



I'm based in Ipswich, but can travel (for a little extra) if necessary (for example if you're unable to bring the car to me). No additional travel charge for the Kesgrave/Martlesham area.

Evenings and Weekends are preferred, but daytime checks may also be possible.

Reading fault codes can help in troubleshooting the following issues (amongst others)


  • Ignition Issues
  • ABS/Traction Control Issues
  • Emissions issues
  • General Engine Issues
  • Fuel-System Issues
  • Fuel Consumption Issues
  • Steering System
  • Some Braking Issues



  • £15 to read (and if you want, reset) all codes, no charge if I can't read the codes for some reason.
  • £20 to reset Service light (£5 if reading other codes anyway)



  • You'll need to know where the Diagnostic connector is on your vehicle (usually under the ashtray on newer vehicles), but if you don't let me know in advance so I can look it up.
  • Your car must have a working battery so that the codes can be read. If this is an issue, let me know and I'll bring one to connect for the duration of the check.
  • Please let me know the Make, Model and Year of the Vehicle in advance so I can look up the relevant DTC translation table.


Fault Resolution
  • Depending on the fault detected, I may be able to resolve the issue. This will cost extra (amount dependant on work required), but will not be undertaken until a price has been agreed!
  • If I'm unable to rectify a fault, you'll still be able to visit a Garage but will be able to provide them with details of all detected fault-codes.



Some garages are charging £70 for this service, so at £15 it's a bargain.

If you want me to read your DTC codes, then please contact me to arrange a time