Release needs your help

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On my Call to Arms Page is a button allowing readers to Donate to Release. I put this up in the hope of generating more donations to this important charity. 

The situation has now changed, Release are in a tight position and one of their most important services is in imminent danger. I felt it was important, therefore, that I highlight some of the work that Release do. 

Release form a very important source of drug information and education in the UK. They’ve done something that the Government refuse to – accepted that people will take drugs and taken action to help ensure those people are safe and educated. Release offer legal support to drug users in order to help them deal with a range of issues including housing, health and welfare. 

As well as helping drug users, Release seek to provide the general public with factual evidence. That is to say, unlike the Home Office, Release publish their findings based on scientific evidence and not moral judgements. 



Release operate a free helpline for those seeking help. Although the service is not manned 24/7 a messaging system operates ‘out of hours’ and Release promise to return the call within 24 hours. When the service is manned, advisors are legally trained and are able to offer the caller support with a wide range of issues. 

Callers to the helpline are able to seek confidential support regarding drugs issues, legal issues and on how to support others affected by drugs. 



Not only do Release offer support over the phone, but they will actually visit Drug Treatment centres to offer advice and support to those in need. 



Release offer training for those who need to contemplate the issue of drugs. Whether this is an employer developing a substance abuse policy, workers helping those affected by drugs or those interested in the subject. The training is not free, but the price you pay cannot be enough to cover the true cost of such training.


Expert Witnesses 

Release has a team of expert witnesses who regularly provide testimony for legal teams across the UK. 



Release campaign for a wide range of causes, drug law reform being just one. Release also campaign to improve the lives of those working in the sex industry. 


Your Part 

We all have our part to play, some are willing to blaze the campaign trail, others are not. Whichever group you fit into, please please help Release so that they can continue to help those who need it.

Donate to Release today and help save the Helpline.