Inconsistencies in advice

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Whilst watching “Desperate Housewives”, of all things, I was made aware of another legitimate medical use for cannabis. The show is set in “The eagle state” – Mississippi – where, amongst other things, cannabis is prescribed to treat depression. 

In reality, I can’t find anything to verify this use in Mississippi, but it is apparently used to treat depression elsewhere. 

Now, depression is no small thing. I’ve both seen and experienced it and it’s dangerous and unpleasant.What I don’t understand, however, is the vast differences in state recognition of the medical value of cannabis. 

How can it be that numerous other countries recognise the value of cannabis in treating depression, whilst the UK won’t even allow it’s use by people with Multiple Sclerosis? 

As I’ve said, depression is deeply unpleasant and can be very, very dangerous but it just doesn’t compare to the hell of Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis is nothing short of a living hell. The best basic description of MS I’ve heard was in the TV series House 

The brain’s like a big jumble of wires. MS strips them of the insulation, and the nerves die. The brain interprets it as pain. 


With people in the UK living with the terrible effects of this disease, the UK Government refuses to let them use a drug which is known to help. How is this morally justifiable? Our Government leaves these people to their suffering in favour of pursuing a harmful and scientifically untenable prohibitionist stance. 

Disabled World has a list of the various illnesses/conditions/diseases that can be treated/alleviated with Cannabis here