Professor Nutt Confirms What We Already Knew

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We’ve all said it time and time again, in fact the only people in the dark seem to be the UK Government – Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances available. 

Professor Nutt of ACMD fame has confirmed it, Alcohol has a serious detrimental effect on both the user and society as a whole. 

So why is it that alcohol is legal and other substances aren’t? As we’ve discussed in the past there is no provision in the Misuse of Drugs Act to arbitrarily exclude a substance from the controls implemented by the legislation. 

The Home Office after much dillying and dallying have justified the juxtaposition as being due to “historical and cultural” reasons. This already seemed to be a tacit admission that there’s no science behind the Government’s war on drugs. This latest news pretty much sets it in concrete. 

Read more here. Be sure to note the huge difference between harm caused (to others and the user) by alcohol and that caused by Cannabis.