Maintaining an effective web presence

There are very few companies that can afford not to maintain an effective web presence, even the goliaths that could survive
without the added custom usually have some form of web service available. Maintaining a website doesn't need to be hard
work and can provide your customers with the added value that generates sales . Many users ; business and private, now use
search engines such as Google to locate companies offering a service they require. If you don't have a website and your
competitors do, you stand to lose countless customers.

So what exactly do we mean by an effective web presence?


Unfortunately, simply having a website is often not enough. Your
website needs to be tailored towards the expectations of your prospective customers . It should be simple to use, whilst
fulfilling all the functions that your customers expect. You need to make a good impression, so it's very important that the site
does not act as an eye-sore, this can be harder than it sounds! Whether you decide to develop your new site in-house or
through a contractor, there are a number of details that you need to examine first.



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