This category contains a selection of some of the work I've been involved in. It's a little difficult to show Systems administration in a profile, so most, if not all will be software and website development. This section is an ongoing project and will grow as I gradually create entries for work I've already done. For an overview of my career and experience, see my online resume.

HTML Map 2

HTML Map 2 is a Virya Software project allowing the easy insertion and management of HTML Image Maps into a Joomla! site. The project initially supported Joomla 2.5 and my main involvement has been to rewrite it to work with Joomla 3.x, fixing any discovered bugs along the way.

Seatrade Global

Seatrade Global covers worldwide shipping news, featuring news from 4 regions and 9 industry sub-sectors. My main involvement with the development of the site was custom code development and pre-release project management. Following the site going live, I've continued to provide support on an ongoing basis, including development of new features such as the 'Live From' functionality

The site is Joomla! based and uses a variety of extensions to implement a wide range of functionality, including basic support for semantic markup


PHPCredLocker is a password repository written in PHP. It supports up to 4 Megabit encryption and provides additional protection to credentials when in transit between the server and the client device. The system was written with security as the primary focus, and every aspect of the database is encrypted, from customer details to the credentials themselves.

The system supports custom plugins and can push audit logs to remote systems. It does, however, need some work on the interface!

Virya Cookie Monster

Virya Cookie Monster is a Virya Software project intended to help Joomla! sites achieve compliance with the European PECR (otherwise known in the UK as 'the cookie law'). It presents either a banner of a lightbox, and can optionally give the visiting user the option to reject all cookies.

The module uses Joomla!s ACL system to help prevent cookies from being set. The extension also includes a script that checks installed extensions against a black-list to see if any are known to set cookies

Mayday Graphics

Mayday Graphics are a printing supplies specialist based just outside Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. They approached Virya Technologies after their previous provider had quoted nearly £1000 to upgrade their Joomla! 1.5.7 to 1.5.26. They were initially a little concerned about the feasibility of the project as their provider had staunchly refused to give them Super-Administrator level access to the back-end of the site.

There were two phases to the project;

  • Address the immediate need by gaining Super-Administrator access to their Joomla 1.5 website and upgrading the site to the latest version in the 1.5 branch (1.5.26)
  • Migrate the site to the 2.5 branch of Joomla

My involvement in Phase one entailed a controlled compromise of the site in order to achieve privilege escalation and grant the customer full access to their site prior to the upgrade. My involvment in phase two comprised of custom module development and modification of existing extensions to meet the specified requirements.

Ipswich and Suffolk Small Business Association

The Ipswich and Suffolk Business Association is a business support organisation run by business owners. ISSBA arranges various business orientated events ranging from networking events to full blown exhibitions

My main involvement in the site was custom development and modification of existing extensions in order to provide the desired functionality within both the event booking and the subscriptions system