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This Page is Obsolete. Please use the new Projects page.

This page is dedicated to projects I have done, many of them will be Linux related, but not all.


  • BikeMaintain

  • Documentation

  • Manipulate

  • Playlister

  • SmbBroadcast

  • Webchecksum

  • TimeClock

  • Parts Listing for Suzuki SV650-S K2

  • NetManage

  • Sitemap Generators

  • Claims_DB

  • Claims_DB_listener

  • Malware Detection Script


  • You can also find a few random scripts here.


    BikeMaintain is an electronic Motorcycle Maintenance Log, it is text based so is unlikely to meet your needs if you wish to add images. Once you have input your entry it greps the entry for keywords and provides you with a list of the categories it believes your entry fits into. You can then toggle these, or other categories that apply.
    BikeMaintain then provides you with a HTML navigation page, divided by category as well as an entire list ordered by date of entry. If requested the system can generate Text output of all entries or entries within a specific category. The system currently only supports entries for one motorcycle, but this should change in the future.

    BikeMaintains project page can be found

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    I tend to document everything that I do, especially when learning to implement new hardware or systems, bit by bit they should appear in the
    Documentation Archives

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    Manipulate is a CLI based control module, allowing adminsitration of users, Web and Network Services. More on it can be found here

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    Playlister is a CLI based media library. It Indexes your media and the allows you to create playlists. it can also play them using an external Media player such as Xine or Totem. The project still needs development but is currently functional. This project is licensed under the GPL


    7cac651fa334778b7f1f5eb91ff9a67b playlister-0.1.tar.gz

    To install playlister extract the archive by running

    tar -xvzf playlister-0.1.tar.gz from the command line. Then change into the program directory with

    cd playlister-0.1

    then to generate the configuration data run ./configure as root

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    SmbBroadcast is a collection of scripts to send a WinPopUp Message to multiple hosts. User can define a list of hostnames to send the message to or can send to all detected Samba clients.


  • Samba - including smbclient

  • Perl

  • A Text Editor

  • You can download SmbBroadcast from here.

    MD5 checksums -

    34eff2d26493aab723d856aeaa45fa10 Index.shtml

    c13c571fb33d00f2ddf151c35dd2cbbe MyMessage

    d386d745e1b7ecd866816fa55408ce27 Smbbroadcast

    4d1e4638a4956d875603cd857141bf02 findsmb_mod

    72d38c5e5c11f515cadd4fadbd215a44 smbbroadcast-bin

    40ec88263440d9f59fbfb42bec73f388 smbbroadcast.tar.gz

    Either download each script individually, or select the tarball and extract with

    tar xvzf smbbroadcast.tar.gz

    Some configuration is needed in the script smbbroadcast-bin.
    The Project is licensed under the GNU GPL, see for details.
    Further information can also be obtained here.

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    WebCheckSum is a script I wrote to generate the MD5 Hash of a file on the fly. It's designed to be called in a Server Side Include with the necessary variables defined therein. It means that if I update a file and forget to change the MD5 sum on all referring pages it will go un-noticed!

    The code can be found here.
    Checksum (Generated by webchecksum!)

    c307890baa3a1db7e263e951e124d313 webchecksum

    To use the script call it in an SSI as you would any other command. Define the variable FILEDIR with the directory containing the file(s). If it is a specific file you can then define the filename with FILE.

    The script will only accept one filename in the variable FILE and FILEDIR must be defined.

    Example Call: FILEDIR=/path/to/ FILE=filename /usr/bin/webchecksum

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    TimeClock is a Text Based clocking in/out system designed to be run on a dedicated computer. It has very low requirements, and only a few bugs (They'll be fixed at some point).
    It allows the Administrator to set a Global message for all employees to see, and remembers whether the employee last clocked in or out to speed things up, the user can override this if they forgot to clock in/out at some point.

    all events are logged to a CSV file for compatability with Excel, OpenOffice etc.

    Download the tarball from here.

    MD5 Checksum

    f7b2ce5315ae1a18624117e688e4971d timeclock.tar.gz

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    Parts Listing for Suzuki SV650-S K2. This page will be updated as and when, you can find the current listing here. It's also available in OpenDocument Format here.

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    NetManage is a small GUI driven application that allows you to access remote configuration pages for nodes defined within it's configuration file. It will check whether or not the Hosts are online before displaying a list of all available. It can currently connect via HTTP and HTTPS but an implementation using FTP SSH or Telnet is planned for the future.

    Whilst the system only currently supports 8 Hosts the clients file can be overridden from the commandline to allow use of different files. Host support is planned for improvement in the next release.
    The application can be obtained from here.

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    Sitemapgen is a collection of scripts, and instructions to help you configure a Linux based system to automatically generate and update sitemaps. Currently there is a PDF explaining how to configure your system to generate Google Sitemaps (and notify them of the update) and a script to generate a HTML sitemap (there seems to be a lack of free tools for this). The HTML generator has no limit to the number of pages it can index, and seperates pages by type (HTML type pages are listed seperately to PDFs etc, with hand links at the top for quick navigation)
    The URLLIST Generator crawls the target website and creates a file compatible with Yahoo!, HTML_sitemap_gen_V0.1 and the Google Sitemap Generator

    HOWTO: Automatically Generate Google Sitemaps

    HTML Sitemap Gen

    URLList Generator

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    Claims_DB is a BASH based Database engine, it utilises CSV files for tables and currently supports basic querying. It comes with a basic CLI front end which allows support for Forms and Queries. It is functional, but still under development so there is some legwork to be done on getting it running. Later releases will of course ease this burden.

    To get the latest release go to the Claims_DB Project page.

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    Malware Detection Script is as the name suggests, a malware detction script. It's aimed primarily at detecting the signs that your server has been compromised, patched executables. It works by generating checksums for all programs in a given list of path, these should only be created when you are sure that your system has not been compromised.

    You then, periodically, run the supplied program, which will report back whether any of the hashes have changed.

    You can choose which hash generation utility to use, but I prefer sha256sum.

    Malware Detection Script can be downloaded from here.

    MD5 Sum:


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