Ben Tasker Dip.pc rep
Curriculum Vitae

  • Personal Details

D.O.B: 27th February 1987

  • Education History

Holywells High School (1998-2003)
Grade Achieved
English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
Design: Resistant Materials GCSE
Religious Studies (Short Course) GCSE
History GCSE
French GCSE
Mathematics GCSE
Geography GCSE
Science Double GCSE

Kesgrave Sixth Form (2003-2005)
Grade Achieved
AS Level Music Technology
AS Level Psychology
AS Level General Studies
AS Level ICT
AS Level Electronics
A2 Level ICT
A2 Level General Studies
A2 Level Music Technology
A2 Level Psychology

Other Qualifications
Grade Achieved
Date Acheived
WSET Intermediate (level two)
14 March 2007
Health and Safety NCFE
18 December 2006
Goal Level 2 National Certificate for Personal License Holders
6 December 2006
Goal Level 2 Certificate in Retail Operations
11 May 2006
Goal Level 2 NVQ in Retail Operations
15 January 2006
PC Repair Diploma (Open College)
1 November 2005

Non-Qualification Courses
Thresher Product Knowledge Foundation Course
5 June 2006
Q Sup SC
May 2008
Processor System Administrator
July 2008
Verification, Validation & Testing
January 2009

  • Skills

  • A good knowledge of wines developed through my employment with Thresher Group
  • Basic Knowledge of Motorcycle Mechanics
  • Good Knowledge of Electronics
  • Good team worker
  • Open, confident and friendly
  • Good use of communication
  • Management Experience
  • Full Clean Driving License

  • Computing Skills

  • Good use and application of ICT
  • Coding skills include BASH, PHP, C++, CSH, Visual Basic, BASIC and Perl.
  • Experience of Web Server Administration through running a personal web hosting business
  • I regularly offer help, advice and support on a Linux User Forum
  • 7 years Linux experience
  • 14 years experience with MS Operating systems
  • 4 years experience with Macintosh Computers
  • Experience of Website Development using HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript.
  • Advanced user of the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Previously an Expert Rating Qualified Professional
  • Good understanding of the benefits of Open Source Software
  • Experience at developing a new systems roll out plan
  • Experience of offering user support
  • Good knowledge of both wired and wireless networking technology
  • Experience of digital audio recording, processing and mastering.

  • Employment History

Dates Worked
Employer/Job Details
April 2008 - Present
Ministry of Defence

My official role within the Ministry of Defence involves managing a number of inventories for aircraft spares. In addition to this, I also provide 24 hour support for a number of Supply IT Systems. In the period between April 2009 - December 2009 whilst my line managers post was vacant, I also deputised for this post and covered a number of the responsibilities therein.

During this employment, I have completed a wide range of in house training courses covering both IT and management material.

November 2006 - March 2008
Assistant Manager

Thresher Group
Bury St. Edmunds

My Branch Manager managed two shops, this meant that my responsibilities stretched far beyond those that the company would normally have expected from other Assistant Managers. I had to be able to effectively run and manage the shop in his absense. My responsibilities included staff training, ensuring jobs were delegated appropriately and fairly, Monitoring and managing cash held within the business, and ensuring the companies conformity with UK Licensing laws. I was also responsible for stock control, although the company replenished stock centrally, I was expected to review the generated order and amend it as I believed necessary. Once the order arrived I was expected to check and book in the delivery, and I also had to adhere to the companies stock write-off procedures. As an intrinsic part of my job I became a UK Personal License Holder, which enables me to authorise the sale/supply of alcohol from any licensed premises. This status brings with it great responsibility, I have to be vigilant to prevent proxy buying, as well as the more obvious threat of minors attempting to purchase alcohol. I was expected to train my staff to be vigilant to these risks as well.

October 2005 -Present

Running a small business that offers not only webhosting but also website design. I have designed and am now hosting a site for another small family run business. I offer website design in a range of formats, utilising HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS and several others.

April 2005 - November 2006
Sales Assistant

Thresher Group Kesgrave

Responsibilities involve large amounts of lone working, the handling of large amounts of cash, observation and maintenance of health and safety standards, to deposit the stores takings at the post office. It is necessary to take a lift from the cash drawer and deposit it in the safe whenever the till contains more than the set floor limit. The responsibility to cash and lock up at the end of the day falls to whoever is working at the time. Similarly the opening of the store is the responsibility of the person working the first shift of the day. The nature of the business necessitates self confidence as it is often necessary to request some form of identification. On one occasion it was necessary for me to retain a credit card under instruction from the bank. This reflects a large amount of confidence on my part. I have worked at several different off-licenses within the First Quench group, including temporary work involving administrative tasks - such as arranging cover, contacting Alarm companies for repairs, and preparing damaged stock for write off - whilst the manager of that store was on holiday. Working for Thresher in this capacity denotes a large amount of responsibility and self confidence.

I left this branch in order to become an Assistant Manager at the Bury st Edmunds Branch.

December 2005 - May 2006

I was part of the development team on this project. The project is managed using the Joomla content management system. Because users are able to post to the site, not only do the ordinary tasks such as page development and project direction need to be addressed, but submissions need to be reviewed to ensure that no inappropriate posts are made. Sadly due to my job at Threshers and running I found my time too constrained to continue working with the bsay team.

May 2003 - Feb 2005
Retail Operator

Primark Stores

My original contract was on Till, responsibilities involved handling varying quantities of money, ensuring items are priced correctly etc. I then changed contract to department, which involved working independently to restock the department, manual handling of boxes, dealing with customers and also ensuring items were correctly priced and reduced if necessary.

June 2003 - Sep 2003
Telemarketing Operator

Bowater Home Improvements

Involved telephoning prospective clients to offer a free, no obligation quotation. The Job involved talking to quite irate members of the public and also trying to sell to people who may not be interested. Developed skills in remaining calm and rational.