# Section updates the Category list

if [ "$fulllistadd" == "N" ]

# We don't want to output html into a text log, so we move on

# I could have saved myself some coding at this point by jumping directly to the function I want when
# $fulllistadd is first checked, but because it was added in after the project was first written
# I couldn't be bothered to double check which function it was. At some point I may also want to add things into
# one list and not the other.
# Above added V0.4b

# basically create a small script that will cat the record entry into a predesignated log file when called

# it's no more complex than a file containing;
# cat record1 > randomlog
# cat record2 >> randomlog

# Of course there is a bit of formatting, but it's very simple otherwise.
# Bit like Me

echo "cat data/$date >> $CATLOGNAME" >> "$WORKDIR"/datarefs/"$CATLOG"
echo "echo "" >> $CATLOGNAME" >> "$WORKDIR"/datarefs/"$CATLOG"
echo "echo ------------------------------------------------------------------------- >> $CATLOGNAME" >> "$WORKDIR"/datarefs/"$CATLOG"
echo "echo "" >> $CATLOGNAME" >> "$WORKDIR"/datarefs/"$CATLOG"

# Section ends

#Return to Results Parser to see if any other categories need updating