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No matter what you enjoy, there will always be someone who is against it

19 09 07 - 10:27

I was reading the BBC News, and stumbled across an old story explaining the Gambling Act 2007.This law came into effect on the first of September and superceeded the old Gambling Act from the 1800's. The thing that caught my eye however was a quote on the page,

"There is already too much social damage and cultural pollution caused by gambling. Advertising it on TV will be ramming it down our throats. Stop the adverts!"

Now there is no denying that gambling can be a very difficult addiction, however once again we see the anti groups coming out of the woodwork. Things do effect certain people badly, but pushing for other people to lose out to protect people that haven't the control is not right. This goes beyond the gambling, we have seen calls for cigarettes to be banned (Speaking of which, why aren't the non-smokers using the pubs? On average 500 pounds a week in trade has gone since the ban), we've seen calls for prohibition, we have even seen calls for motorcycles to be banned.

All of the above can ruin lives, but not everyone acts irresponsibly with them, it is a matter of free choice people. If someone wants to smoke, then you have no right to tell them that they cannot. If you are asthmatic and in an enclosed environment, or there are children about then you would hope that they would have the sense not to light up.

There is no reason to try and ban something just because a few people lack the control to utilise it responsibly.

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