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Road Safety - A very simple message

11 09 07 - 22:08

Sorry I must have forgotten to hit post yesterday, so here is Mondays installment of Road Safety Week.Todays (mondays) message is a very simple one really, if you do not pay attention whilst on the road, or do not abide by the roads laws then you may well find that you kill someone. Thats right not mame or injure but potentially KILL. Your hurry or lack of attention could take someones life away from them, and not just an adults, it could very well be a child or a baby.

With that knowledge, you should have a new perspective on what constitutes safe driving. Search on google there are far too many obituaries of people that have been killed in road accidents, do not add your name to that list. There is enough in this world that can kill us without drivers playing 'silly buggers,' be aware of your surroundings, and be aware that every vehicle you see contains at least one person.

On a similar theme, ask yourself this question, why do people think it is Ok to tailgate/cut in front of buses? Quite aside from the fact that the bus is going to do far more damage to you, it probably has a large number of people on board, and you could potentially be responsible for the deaths of every single one of these innocent people. It is far easier to be patient and wait until you can safely overtake the bus, don't allow yourself to risk taking lives through impatience.

Once people learn that there is no room for impatience behind a steering wheel the roads will be a safer place. If you are getting impatient because you are running late, there is one cause for it and one alone. You did not leave yourself enough time to complete your journey, whether you have been sat at roadworks or been sat behind an incredibly slow driver the fault remains with you. If I can allow time for slow drivers/roadworks/petrol stops then why can't you? Is the extra few minutes in bed really that valuable? Not when measured against a life. Give yourself time to complete a journey safely, or you may never get there.

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