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A reflection on life in the UK

13 05 07 - 12:04

I have been thinking a lot about my financial status recently.Like many in the UK I struggle each and every month. I fully admit that this is sometimes due to excessive spending on things that could have waited. Unfortunately even when I havent spent out on anything I still run short or tight.

This is a position that many find themselves in, in fact I would guess that with some exceptions the only people who dont are either stinking rich, or lead at least a partially criminal life.
We live in a society where people will happily take money from you, but employers arent willing to pay enough a month for comfortable living.

Whilst most people will agree that income tax often plays a large part in this circle, there seems to be very little that we can do about it. Most governments promise to lower income tax and then dont, and as income tax rises our quality of life often drops. Tax is used to fund the country, which would at least be a justification if it were not for the fact that our taxes are being spent on crap that no-one wants. Take for example the black boxes they intend to fit to road vehicles. 29 million people asked Tony Blair to intervene and he poohpoed them!

This government has become to fixed on what it wants to even take note of what the people want.

In fact on the odd occasion that something is done to actually benefit the populace, it is often heavy handed and turns out not to be so beneficial. The do-gooders in this country have done to well, so now they simply inconvenience people rather than helping. With all the health and safety legislation out there is it any wonder that employers don't find time to do proper pay reviews?

Everyone in the UK is to busy looking out for themselves, unfortunately those with less money behind them find themselves being taken for a ride.
Our once proud and great country is on a downhill slide. Its not too late to turn it around but if we don't act soon the country will become nothing more than a shithole. This will be caused by more than financial problems, but unfortunately for us the ingredients are already there.

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Kelby (Email) (URL) - 25 08 07 - 22:45

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