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Todays NewsPicks

31 07 07 - 19:28

Well there's a bit in the news today,the one that made me laugh most is the statement that Laser Printers are as bad for our health as cigarettes. My comments are available on that page.

Theres a fairly nasty story about a man who died after being pelted with stones by a mob of 12-15 year olds. You can read it here. Hopefully the nasty little shits will be locked up, as the prosecution stated their age is no defence. At that age we all know that throwing stones at people is not nice, especially when it is a man and his son. They need to have that re-inforced to them, to do something so horrible does make you worry about their mentality and their respect for human life.

Langhams son has stated that he resented his fathers accuser. Although I cannot really see what bearing it has on the case, aside from whether the girl was present, and their impressions of her relationship with their father. They cannot categorically state that their father did or didn't sleep with her. Similarly it has very little bearing on his punishment for possessing Child Pornography. I would say from reading that article however, that things are not looking good for Mr Langham.

In a world full of sexual harrasment lawsuits, what kind of idiot would Pinch a newsreaders bottom on national TV? I do think that the Police are a little eager to levy yet another fine on the man, it smacks of fundraising. However finding the man is a good idea, if only so that we can all ridicule him for being such a moron.

BskyB is buying Amstrad, although Amstrad may be limited largely to making settop boxes now, I am sure we all fondly remember our first Amstrad. Well I do anyway.

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