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Until I found an old, scratched backup CD with this on, I'd completely forgotten I'd ever even created this site -

It dates back to about 2004, and it's immediately clear that my concentration wasn't really on design so much as the stuff I was documenting. Some of this might even actually form the first effort at what would eventually turn into my Documentation Archives, particularly the self-created documentation for the Suzuki AP50 Scooter. Many of the other docs in there were created by me too I think.

I can vaguely recall at the time that free domain names via dot TK had only recently become a thing, so I played around with that quite a bit - the content at the time was hosted on a Windows 2000 box, so I've had to correct various filenames/links now that they're backed by a case sensitive filesystem. I've also converted word docs to PDF

The colouring is both horrific and inconsistent. It's really not particularly easy on the eyes, you have been warned

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