Conkers Bad Fur Day 64 Cheats


From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter BOVRILBULLETHOLE This will give you 50 lives in Single Player mode



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: DRACULASTEABAGS When you play the Race mode in Multiplayer you will have a Baseball Bat instead of a stick.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: DUTCHOVENS When you enter the Multiplayer mode and select Race you'll have the Frying Pan instead of your default weapon.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: VERYEASY Your game will be very easy now.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: BEELZEBUBSBUM You'll unlock the level "It's War" in Chapters.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: SPANIELSEARS You can now enter Chapters and select Spooky and play Mr. Death's level.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: BEEFCURTAINS Some of your multiplayer characters will now be Zombies or Villagers.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: EATBOX You can then select him in Multiplayer rounds.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: ANCHOVYBAY The Slopranos is now available in Chapters Mode.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: MONKEYSCHIN You can now enter the Chapeters and select Uga Buga and play the Drunken Gits level.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: PRINCEALBERT Barn Boys can now be selected in Chapters Mode.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: CLAMPIRATE You can now choose Bats Tower in Chapters Mode.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: WELDERSBENCH Every Chapter will be available.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: CHINDITVICTORY You'll unlock the Weasel Henchmen for Multiplayer. Enter one of the levels where you can select characters and they will be a couple of your choices.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: EASY The game will be easier.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE When you enter one of the multiplayer rounds you will be able to select Seargent or Tediz Leader



At the cheat menu you can enter: SPUNKJOCKEY

When you enter Multi then you can enter any solo-multiplayer mode (in other words: play multiplayer by yourself) that has Katana swords and chainsaws. Grab the Katana sword or the chainsaw and attack your enemy. You'll see new death animation resembling the Matrix.



From the main menu select Options and then Cheats. Enter: BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT You can now select the skeleton and Greg the Grim Reaper in Multi-player rounds.



At the cheat menu enter: EASTEREGGSRUS Now enter Multi, when you can select your character you can choose NEO Conker.



Enter the Cheat menu and enter: CHOCOLATESTARFISH Now you can enter the Chapters and select the HEIST level.



While you're in the Cock and Plunker select Chapters and behind the level descriptions you can see Kazooie.



While your in the Cock and Plunker (aka. the main menu) take a look above the Fireplace. You'll notice Banjo's head mounted above the fireplace. Move your cursor until it says Options. Banjo's head is behind the OP in the word OPTIONS. As you move the cursor left and right you'll get a glimce of Banjo's head.



Go to the options menu and enter the cheat code screen. Enter: <p> WELLYTOP <p> If you entered the code correctly the guy will say something like "Yeah, that's right". You will now be able to select Conker in the Total War mode or the Race mode.



When you get to the 2nd stage in Conker's Bad Fur day (the stage with the Queen Bee), you will see a hook on a sign. If you happen to die, Death will appear and teach you about those hooks. After you first "near death experience", the hooks will have tails on them that give you extra lives. But did you know that these tails actually respawn when you leave an area? So in this instance, to get unlimited lives simply grab the tail and leave the stage by going back to the first stage. Return to pick up your second tail -- and repeat as many times as you like.



Enter the Cheat code screen (from the "Cock & Plucker" main menu) and enter in any popular cuss word you can think of. In return, you'll get some seriously funny comments from the game.

Goldeneye 007 Cheats

Single Player Cheat Codes

Anytime during the game enter the following:

Sequence Effect
R+Down, R+Up, Right, L+R+C-Down, L+Right, R+Left, Left, Down, Up, R+C-Down 2x Grenade Launcher
R+C-Down, L+Right, R+C-Left, L+Right, L+R+Right, L+R+Up, L+Down, R+Left, L+Right, L+C-Left 2x Hunting Knife
L+Right, L+R+C-Left, L+Down, R+Left, R+Down, L+Right, C-Up, Right, R+Right, L+R+Up 2x Laser
R+Right, L+Up, Down, Down, R+C-Down, L+Left, L+C-Left, R+Up, R+Down, R+C-Left 2x Rocket Launcher
R+C-Left, L+Left, Up, L+R+Right, Right, L+R+C-Left, L+R+C-Left, R+Down, R+Left, R+C-Left 2x Throwing Knife
L Button + R Button + Down, L Button + C-Left, L Button + C-Right, L Button + R Button + C-Left, L Button + Down, L Button + C-Down, R Button + C-Left, L Button + R Button + C-Right, R Button + Up, L Button + C-Left All Guns (Single Player)
L and R + up, C-Right, R + Left, R + Up, Up, R + Right, Up, L and R + C-Down, L and R + Down, L and R + C-Left DK Mode
L+Down, R+C-Right, R+C-Up, L+Right, L+C-Down, R+C-Up, L+Right, R+Down, L+Left, L+R+C-Right Invincibility
R+C-Left, L+R+C-Up, L+R+Left, L+R+Up, R+Up, L+C-Left, R+C-Up, L+C-Down, L+R+Left, R+Right Invisible
R Button + C-Down, L Button + R Button + Down, L Button + Right, R Button + C-Up, L Button + R Button + C-Right, R Button + Up, L Button + Down, L Button + Right, R Button + C-Left, R Button + C-Up Line Mode
L+R+C-Right, R+Up, R+Down, R+Down, L+R+C-Right, L+R+Left, R+Down, R+Up, L+R+C-Right, R+Left Max Ammo

In-Game Cheats

Challenge Effect
Beat the Jungle on Agent in less than 3:45 min 2x Hunting Knives
Beat the Aztec on Secret Agent in less than 9:00 min 2x Lasers
Beat the Caverns on 00 Agent in less than 9:30 min 2x RC-P90s
Beat the Bunker on 00 Agent in less than 4:00 min 2x Rocket Launcher
Beat the Bunker 2 on Agent in less than 1:30 min 2x Throwing Knives
Beat the Egyptian Temple on 00 Agent in less than 6:00 min All Guns
Beat the Runway on Agent in less than 5:00 min DK Mode
Beat the Streets on Agent in less than 1:45 min Enemy Rockets
Beat the Statue on Secret Agent in less than 3:15 min Fast Animation
Beat the Cradle on Agent in less than 2:15 min Gold PP7
Beat the Egyptian level Golden Gun
Beat the Surface on Secret Agent in less than 3:30 min Grenade Launcher
Beat the Control on Secret Agent in less than 10:00 min Infinite Ammo
Beat the Facility on 00 Agent in less than 2:05 min Invincibility
Beat the Archives on 00 Agent in less than 1:20 min Invisibility
Beat the Aztec level Laser
Beat the Cradle level Magnum
Beat the Frigate on Secret Agent in less than 4:30 min No Radar (Multi)
Beat the Dam on Secret Agent in less than 2:40 min Paintball Mode
Beat the Train on 00 Agent in less than 5:25 min Silver PP7
Beat the Depot on Secret Agent in less than 1:40 min Slow Animation
Beat the Surface 2 on 00 Agent in less than 4:15 min Tiny Bond
Beat the Silo on Agent in less than 3:00 min Turbo Mode

Cheat Menu Codes

The cheat menu becomes available once you beat a certain time, on a particular stage and a particular difficulty level - see "In-Game Cheats", unlock any one of those and the cheat menu will become available (the easiest is probably Runway).

Enter these at the cheat menu, exit then return for the cheat to appear:

Sequence Effect
Up, Right, L + Left, R + Down, L + Up, L + C-Left, L + Left, C-Right, C-Up, then hold L + R + Down 2x RCP90s
Down, Left, Up C, Right, L + Down, L + Left, L + Up, Left C, Left, Hold Down C All Weapons
L+R+Right, L+R+Down, L+Up, L+R+Down, C-Up, R+Up, L+R+Right, L+Left, Down, L+C-Down Gold PP7
L +Left C, L + R + Right, Right C, Left C, R + Left, L + Down C, L + R + Left, L + R + Down C, L + Up, Hold Right C Infinite Ammo
R+Left, L+Down, Left, Up, Down, R+C-Left, L+C-Left, L+R+Left, L+R+Right, L+C-Left Invincibility
L + Up, Up C, R + Right, L + R + Left C, L + Up, R + Down C, L + Down C, L + R + Down C, L + R + Up, Hold L + Down C Paintball Mode
L+Left, L+R+Up, L+Right, L+R+Up, L+R+C-Left, L+R+Left, L+R+Down, C-Down, L+R+Right, L+R+Left Silver PP7
L+R+Left, L+R+Left, L+R+Down, L+R+Left, C-Right, L+R+Down, L+R+Down, L+Down, C-Left, Hold C-Up Slow Animation
L+R+Down, R+Down, L+C-Down, Left, R+C-Left, L+R+C-Down, Right, Down, R+C-Down, R+Right Tiny bond
L + Down, L + Down C, L + R + Up, R + Down C, Left, R + Down, L + Down C, Up, R + Down, Hold L + Right Turbo Mode

Multiplayer Cheats

Go to the Multiplayer option and then to the Characters option. Now input the codes

Sequence Effect
L+R+C-Left, L+C-Up, L+R+Left, L+Right, R+Down, L+R+C-Left, L+C-Up, L+R+Right, L+R+C-Down, L+Down Characters
L+C-Up, L+R+C-Left, R+Up, L+C-Right, R+C-Left, L+Right, L+R+C-Left, L+C-Right, L+Up, L+R+C-Down Invisible (enter during gameplay)
R+Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Up, L+Down, R+Up, C-Left, Right, R+Left, R+Right No radar

Level Unlock Codes

Enter the following at the mission selection screen:

Sequence Effect
Complete Cradle on Agent or use the unlock Cradle Level Code first then press Press L + R + Up, L + R + C Right, L + Down, R + Right, R + Up, L + Down Unlock Aztec Level
L + Down C, R + Right, L + Right C, R + Left C, L + Down C, L + R + Left, L + Right C, L + R + Up, R + Right C, L + Up(Hold) Unlock Bunker Level
L + Down, R + C-Down, L + R + Up, L + Right, R + C-Up, R + C-Left, R + Up, L + C-Left, L + Up, R + C-Left Unlock Caverns Level
L + C-Down, R + Down, L + Right, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Up, R + Left, L + R + C-Up Unlock Control Center Level
L + R + C-Up, L + Left, R + Down, L + Down, L + C-Up, L + Down, R + Right, R + C-Up, L + C-Left, R + Right Unlock Cradle Level
L + Down, L + Down, R + C-Down, L + C-Right, L + R + Right, R + C-Left, L + Down, L + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up Unlock Depot Level
L+R+C-Up, R+C-Left, L+Left, R+C-Up, L+Left, R+C-Down, L+C-Right, R+Right, L+R+C-Up, L+Right Unlock Facility Level
R+C-Up, L+Down, R+C-Right, L+Left, L+R+Up, L+R+C-Down, R+C-Right, R+Up, L+R+C-Down, R+Up Unlock Frigate Level
R + C-Down, R + Left, L + R + Up, R + Right, R + Down, R + Down, R + Up, R + C-Left, R + C-Up, L + R + Left Unlock Jungle Level
L+R+Left, R+Left, L+C-Up, L+Left, R+C-Up, R+C-Down, R+C-Right, R+Right, L+Down, R+C-Left Unlock Runway Level
L+Up, R+C-Down, L+Left, R+Down, L+C-Left, L+R+C-Right, L+C-Up, R+Right, R+Right, R+C-Right Unlock Silo Level
L + R + C-Down, L + R + C-Down, L + Right, L + R + Left, R + Left, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, R + C-Up, R + C-Down, R + Right Unlock Statue Level
L + R + C-Left, L + C-Right, L + Up, L + R + C-Down, R + C-Right, R + C-Down, R + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Up, L + Down Unlock Streets Level
L+C-Down, L+R+C-Right, R+C-Right, R+C-Up, R+C-Left, L+Right, L+R+C-Up, L+C-Up, L+R+Down, L+C-Right Unlock Surface II Level
R+C-Left, L+R+C-Up, L+Left, R+Up, R+Left, L+Up, R+C-Down, L+Right, L+C-Right, L+R+Down Unlock Surface Level
R + Left, R + C-Down, R + C-Right, L + R + Left, L + Right, R + C-Down, L + Left, L + R + C-Left, L + Up, L + C-Up Unlock Train Level

Honda Civic EGR Valve Replacement

This documentation details how to remove and replace the EGR Valve on a 2004 Honda Civic 1.6 with a Petrol engine.

You may need to do this if you're getting an engine management light (MIL) with diagnostic code P0401 (EGR Flow Insufficient). Some people prefer to start by cleaning the valve rather than replacing it - the process is exactly the same as detailed here, just that you'll put the old one back on after cleaning it (remember to order a new EGR gasket though).

Honda used a variety of engines in different models of the civic though, so your EGR may be different. Before starting, pay close attention to the first picture in this document to check that your EGR location is the same (the EGR valve is the thing within the blue sticker on it in the photo).

Read more ...

Mario Kart 64 Cheats


Mario 64 Castle

Follow the yellow road in Royal Raceway, just after the big jump and to the right. That road will take you to the Mario 64 castle.


Shortcuts on Koopa Troopa Beach

  1. The first shortcut is the sand bar on the right side on the archway. Just go over it and it's a shortcut (and an easy one at that)
  2. Jump from the top of the ramp just after the archway, you need to have enough speed or you might not make it. A mushroom, star, or a last second power slide helps


Shortcut on Kalimari Desert

On the first or second lap if you get a star you can do this. When you get to the 2nd Railroad tracks turn and go to the tunnel. Just before you enter the tunnel use your star, if you do this right you'll finish the lap and have a shorter 2nd or 3rd lap.


Shortcuts on Wario Stadium

  1. When you first start the race, you can jump the wall at the top of the hills, you can save almost half a lap this way
  2. After the first shortcut you can jump back over the wall and land before the finish line, this is very hard to do, but possible


Shortcuts on Royal Raceway

  1. You can take a big shortcut if you jump across the river just after the first big turn. You need a mushroom or a star to do this (it is much harder if you use a star). Aim for the dark spot on the wall, if you do this right you can get towed up onto the big ramp.
  2. In 150 cc you can jump to the left at the top of the big ramp and land on a bit of dirt near the finish line. If you do this right you will get towed to the finish line. This is hard.


Shortcut on Yoshi Valley

Just after all the roads come to a point, you can jump to a lower track. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy.


Shortcut on Rainbow Road

If you use a mushroom you can jump from the big hill just after start to a later part of the track on the left (right in mirror mode). This is very hard to do.


Skip Half a Lap (Toad's Turnpike)

To use this glitch, you'll want to accelerate towards the barrier at the sides of the track, hopping as you near it - you need to do this at the point in the track where the upper half crosses over the lower half.

When you leap at the barrier, you'll get stuck in it and Lakitu will have to rescue you. Hold B and steer right, then when you hit the ground accelerate. Once you're released and going straight to the right, release B and, if done quickly enough, you'll fly through the barrier and the wall and onto the lower half of the track without Lakitu trying to rescue you.


Lap Skip (Frappe Snowland)

From the starting line, immediately u-turn around and cross the log bridge. Once you're on the other side, turn around again and get on the bridge, and jump from the bridge to the snow without touching the road. Continue driving through the snow past the finish line and until Lakitu rescues you: he'll place you down before the finish line, and you can cross it to finish the lap.



Course Ghosts

To get these ghosts, you must beat the times listed below.

  • Luigi Raceway 1'52''00
  • Mario Raceway 1'30''00
  • Royal Raceway 2'40''00


New title screen

To be awarded with a new title screen (and mirror courses) beat the game (get a gold trophy) on 50cc, 100cc and 150cc on Mushroom cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup and Special cup.


Hidden Ending

To get a hidden ending in Mario Kart 64, place 4th place overall. This is a lot harder than it sounds because if you place 5th or lower in any one race, you must restart. The easiest way to place 4th overall is just to get 4th place in every race.


''Extra'' in Mario GP

Get the gold trophy in the Special Cup 150cc in Mario GP. You will see the credits roll. After that you will be able to access "Extra" mode in Mario GP, which allows you to play the courses as if they were mirrored.

NOTE: You can't use "Extra" for Battle or Time Trails.



Don't slip!

If you slip on a banana, and are about to spin out, hit the brakes. You will stop (not spin out), a music note inside a balloon will appear next to your driver, and you will have saved yourself a lot of time.



To get a boost at the start of the race and an early lead, do not hold the acceleration button before the race. Wait until after the last light flashes, then punch the gas. If you time it just right, you should get a boost that puts you into first place!



Integrating against the RequestRouter Alt-Svc Hints API

Version 0.4 of RequestRouter introduces a new feature - an API designed to give edge devices (such as delivery appliances) hints to allow them to generate an RFC 7838 Alt-Svc header to further optimise routing for clients located behind a DNS server that does not support the EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) extension.

This documentation provides a reference implementation, allowing an OpenResty based edge device to connect back to the Alt-Svc Hints API, whilst minimising the potential latency impact to some extent.

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