Republished: Managing Change in an IT Environment

Originally published on Aug 2009.

Whether it's a full network migration, or simply a change of Server Software, it is essential that any change is properly managed. Some changes occur after the IT department suggest them as the best course of action, whilst some are the result of managerial decisions. Whether it's to cut costs, to streamline the workflow or simply to acheive a more stable system, incorrect management of the change can be disastrous.

When preparing for the change, many people make the mistake of only planning for the change itself. You need to go further than that, plan the entire migration period. Create contigency plans, ensure that your disaster recovery plans are suitable for use with the new system.

This article assumes that as part of the change, you are installing a new managed network. If that's not what you are doing, the steps of planning are relevant, it's just that a number of the checks and possible deviations probably aren't.


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Republished: Battery Not Charging on SV650

Originally published on Feb 2009.


This page is here as a reference for others experiencing the issues I have been having on my 2002 SV650-S lately.

SYMPTOM: Battery not charging, so bike refuses to start every so often. Misfire in Idle range but not always on the same cylinder.


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Republished: An Update on the SV650-S Charging/Ignition Problem

This was originally published on in 2009

As I mentioned previously, the bike was due into the Garage on Friday to sort out the charging problems that it seems to have developed. The symptoms also included a misfire at low revs (anything below about 2500 RPM).
Unfortunately, the Garage found some more urgent repairs that needed doing (Brakes had seized again, amongst other things) so I hit my budget ceiling before they could really take a look at the original problem.

So on Saturday, I got out the toolkit again and had a look.

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