Howto Install the Realtek 8171 Wireless Driver in Linux

I was asked to install Linux on a brand new laptop today (yet another who doesn't like Win 7!), it was an Advent M100 which contains the Realtek SemiConductor 8171 Wireless Adaptor.

The card is detected by the kernel (on Kubuntu) but no drivers are available, so neither ifconfig or NetworkManager find the device.


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Howto Encrypt your Harddrive in Microsoft Windows

Some versions of Windows 7 include Bitlocker, a utility which allows you to encrypt the system drive. This, however, is of little use to those not running the 'Ultimate' version of Windows 7. There is, however, a free alternative – TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and 7.

This walkthrough will show you how to encrypt your entire harddrive so that should your laptop be lost, an attacker will be unable to access your sensitive information (unless, of course, you left the laptop powered on!)

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Getting Started with Linux

I originally began the 'Getting Started with Linux" series in November 2006. Although a lot of the information is now outdated, thanks in part to work on User Interfaces, I hope the series will still be able to answer some of the questions that those new to Linux often have.


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