Howto root the Sony Erricson Xperia X8 (Android 2.1) from Linux

I recently bought a new X8, and unlocked it from Three. Unfortunately, when branding the phone they decided to install all manner of crud that the user won't necessarily need. Apps such as Spotify load whether you want them to or not, and there's nothing you can do about it!

Well, nearly, you can root the phone and then uninstall the problem apps.

There's plenty of guides out there on how to root the X8 from Windows, but information regarding Linux and Mac systems is much harder to find! Let's begin;

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Building Your Own Network Appliance Part 1

Occasionally we all need our hardware to do something that the manufacturer didn't think of. Sometimes, the only option is to build the software yourself and run it on custom hardware.

This Documentation is the first in a two-part series and details how to build a Gentoo based Operating System to act as a network appliance providing content filtering, VPN and web-caching.


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Archiving a large backup across multiple discs on Linux


Hopefully, we all back up our data, but what should we do once our data won't fit on our chosen media?


We have two options (as we obviously don't want to delete our data!)

  • Use a different backup medium
  • Split the backup across multiple volumes

Sometimes the former just isn't appropriate, as much because of the cost of harddrives vs Optical Media (i.e. CD's/DVD's).

This short tutorial will explain how to create a single backup archive, and then split it across multiple CD's/DVD's.


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A User's Guide to Data Security and Control

Data Security is the subject of renewed focus within society following some very high profile leaks of information. Worryingly, recent studies suggest that users fail to accurately appraise the value of the data they handle.

This presentation is part of the Virya Technologies free training selection and is intended to provide users with a basic introduction to the importance of Data Security.


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