Using The Volvo 440 Diagnostic System


The Volvo 440 dates back to an era where Car manufacturers were actually helpful (or at least some of them were), and as a result has a built in Diagnostic system. No going to the Garage to have fault codes read, so long as you know how to use the system.

This article tells you exactly how to do just that!

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Syncing your files with an S3 account on Linux

Amazon's cloud is incredibly useful for a number of things, including backup. I don't, as a rule, trust much to 'the cloud' but it does provide a nice easy way to achieve off-site backups at a reasonable cost.

This documentation explains one of the many ways to achieve automated backup to your S3 account (set one up here).


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POST Data going missing in PHP

I came across an incredibly frustrating issue earlier today, whilst building a class to parse data and insert it into a database I discovered some serious data loss. Sniffing the traffic showed the data was being submitted, but when I tried to access it in PHP bits were missing!

Consider the following

Raw Post data: foo=blah+blah+blah&bar=This+is+a+block+of+text%0D%3Cbr%3EThis+is+line+2&zulu=bah

So in PHP, you'd expect that;

  1. echo $_POST['foo'] would give "blah blah blah"
  2. echo $_POST['bar'] would give "This is a block of text<br>This is line 2"
  3. echo $_POST['zulu'] would give "bah"

Unfortunately, this isn't the case! Instead number 2 returns "<br>This is line 2". How very frustrating, but thankfully I eventually found the solution

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Resolving KDE issues with Dual Monitors

Quite a number of users are reporting issues with KDE4 forgetting monitor settings when the log out. The end result being whenever you log back in you need to sit and reconfigure KDE to make proper use of a dual-headed system rather than cloning the primary screen onto your second.

Although the issue is apparently fixed in KDE 4.6, many aren't running this version yet.

This documentation shows a workaround that can be used in order to get KDE to remember the settings.


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Howto stop Ubuntu nagging you about Distribution Upgrades

It's a fairly common scenario, you've just got your system set up the way you like it and then there's a new release. Your update manager starts nagging that you should upgrade, no matter how many times you dismiss it it just won't get the message!


You can disable this using the method below, but don't stick on old versions for too long!

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