mod_lotto (AKA LottoPredict) is a module for Joomla 2.5 onwards. It fulfils a range of functions including the display of recent results.

This documentation details how to configure the module to suit your needs

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What is js.Runfore?

So your customers have been complaining that your/their webpage is being blocked by Google as containing malware? When you check, one or more Javascript files have been compromised and now contain this lovely code

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ProFTPD not working with FileZilla (Plesk)

So you've got a nicely configured server, slightly tarnished by the presence of Plesk but everything seems to be running well. Suddenly, you've got users complaining that they can't access the server via FTP.

You're running ProFTPD (as Plesk kindly installed it for you) and can log in from the CLI FTP client (on Windows or Linux), but can't get in using FileZilla, FireFTP or Internet Explorer. FileZilla is probably giving the error "Cannot Retrieve Directory Listing" but will have authenticated correctly just before that. For some, FileZilla will hang just after MSLD or LIST commands.

This documentation details how to resolve a common issue

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Retrieving Akeeba Backups from S3 on a space-limited website

Nicholas Dionysopoulos' Akeeba Backup is a fantastic tool, but what do you do if you're short of space on your hosting? If you're using 4GB of a 5GB limit, you won't have space to store the generated backup file.

The issue of configuring Akeeba to backup to S3 is well covered (Hint: if space is a real issue, enable 'Process each part immediately' and 'Delete archive after processing'), but what happens if you want to retrieve the backup for use elsewhere (perhaps to test Jupgrade on a localhost?). If your backup is 3.8GB you won't be able to use the 'Fetch back to server' option as you lack the space. Do you really want to sit and click each of the Part links to download the files?

This documentation details an easier route to downloading all the parts in one fell swoop (so easy, in fact, it's incredibly obvious when you think about it!).

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Handling Embedded Video and Proxies

I'm come across this problem quite regularly, but never think to write the steps down so have to think it all through every time! You've got a nice looking site and want to embed a video in it (say via YouTube). Unfortunately there's likely to be high footfall from those behind corporate proxies, and as a number of the embedded systems uses iframes, you end up with a nice error message slap in the middle of the page!

This documentation details a JS approach to handling this by hiding the iframe if the video doesn't load.

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