Upgraded HTML Generator

The attached file is a replacement for the original HTML generator script, it resolved an issue with the way in which sitemaps were being generated.

ClaimsDB V0.2

V0.2 of ClaimsDB was a patch release, and so the temporary download will also be required.

A newer version will be restored from backup soon!


Captcha is a basic BASH based Captcha system used to verify that a website visitor is in fact human!

You'll need to generate a database of captcha images for use (one will be provided once restored from backup).


This is an old project and may not be fit for purpose now!


Random Scripts

Attached are a few random scripts, inlcuding;


  • Convert Movie to MP4
  • Create a slideshow from a selection of Images
  • A playlist generator (very much obsolete!)



Timeclock is a basic clocking in/out system written in BASH. It stores all information in a CSV allowing the data to be easily imported into a spreadsheet.

Being console based it's probably not suited to most businesses, but does have it's uses in some settings.


Released under GNU GPL


  • ClaimsDB

    ClaimsDB is a Database Engine written in BASH

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  • Sitemap Generator

    Sitemap Generator is a collection of BASH scripts that will crawl your website and then create a Google XML sitemap using the results

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  • Misc

    A collection of scripts and programs that may be of interest but are not projects as such

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  • Vehicle Management System

    VMS is a PHP/MySQL based system for monitoring and maintaining a fleet of vehicles

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