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A number of the functions of my site use cookies, all are either used to directly improve your experience, or to help me improve the site further.

I've no control over cookies set by third parties, so have only listed those that show as being set by

The following cookies are likely to be set when you visit, you can find out which have been set by visiting Your Stored Data. Which of the third party cookies are set will depend on the privacy options you have set on the left.

Session Token Varies

These session tokens are used to recognise your browser throughout the time you're browsing Primarily used to remember choices such as font-size. The cookies expires with your browsing session - normally when you close your browser

Both will have a random 128bit name, and certain features of the site (such as the shopping cart) will not work if you block them.

Theme selector btaskerColorChoice You'll only ever see this cookie if you used the 'Switch Colors' link that used to exist on this site. It exists to do one thing - make sure you see the site in whichever color scheme you've chosen. It has a relatively long expiry so that your choice will be remembered the next time you return.

Social Media

The following are exclusively set by the Social Media share buttons you see around the site. Social Media icons are disabled by default, however can be enabled by clicking them or enabling them in the privacy options on the right. As these cookies are set by a third party, they may well change without notice.

Google+ NID

This cookie is set by Google Plus - generally by the 'Share on Google+' button that's displayed on each article.

See Google's Privacy overview for more information.











These cookies are set by Twitter's 'tweet' button. Some will only appear if you are also logged into Twitter.

See Twitter's Privacy policy for more information.





LinkedIn cookies are set by the LinkedIN share buttons, for more information see LinkedIN's privacy policy.


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