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Aesthetic Change to Site

Those who visit my site regularly will have noticed a quite substantial change in the last 24 hours, I've finally got around to migrating to 2.5. 

Not that all the changes are done quite yet, my old Attachments plugin didn't have a newer version so I need to manually re-add attachment to affected articles.

I do have a solution to the EU Cookie Law installed, but won't activate it until I've got more than the session cookie being set (i.e. once I've finished the migration) as if something doesn't work I want to be sure it's not the Cookie Banner interfering.

Enjoy the new look and feel!

Use Joomla? Pull your finger out!

According to builtwith there are over 1.6 million Joomla based sites out there. Pretty impressive really, are you one of them? If so, then this post is aimed at you! There may be 1.6 million sites, but the sad reality is not everyone is giving back (not that you're obliged to). It's so easy to do, you don't even need to be a developer there are plenty of other things you can do to help the community!

So if you use Joomla, and haven't contributed anything recently read the rest of this post for ideas on how you can help (it won't cost you a thing!).


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Old Articles given new life

Before I took it offline, contained a vast number of articles on a wide range of subjects. The plan was always to filter through and republish those articles that may be of use to others.

I've previously republished a few of the articles, but efforts to skim through have largely been overridden by other commitments.

Having had a total of 1 hours sleep last night, I needed something easy to do with impaired mind, but challenging enough to keep me awake! As as result I've now republished the following articles



In my sleep deprived state, I've not been able to thoroughly proof-read all of the republished content. Some of the posted content dates back to 2006 when my writing style was.... let's say different..... so I can only apologise for any typo's or use of abysmal grammar!

I've also launched a new service in the Suffolk Area: Vehicle Fault Code Reading. This can cost up to £70 at a garage, but I'll come and read your codes for just £15.


Apple Patenting the Obvious Again

I enjoy coding, and many would say I'm quite intelligent. But, by no means, am I some sort of super-being. With this in mind, I'd say if I was able to think up a technique then it's more than possible it was too obvious to patent.

So, given Apple have just been granted this patent, I felt it was worth highlighting that it's not new, it is obvious and has already been done!


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New Service: Vehicle Fault Code Reading

I'm offering a new service in the Suffolk (UK) area - Engine On Board Diagnostic Code (Fault Code) Reading.

I can read all fault codes on any Petrol or Diesel car newer than 1996 and also on some older cars. All cars manufactured since 2001 are required to support OBDII (OBD2) so any car newer than 2001 can definitely be checked.

I charge a fixed price (see below) for this service, no per-code charges! Price includes reading and resetting codes. Service Light reset is charged at a different rate, but is cheaper if I'm reading other fault codes.


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