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Republished: Some Thoughts on Life

This content was originally posted to 17 April 2006

Although more than a step away from the usual technology theme of this site, and not wanting to turn this site into yet another blog on an Internet already clouded with peoples feelings, I have some thoughts on life.

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Republished: An Update on DRM

This content was originally posted on in April 2006

As many know, Digital Rights Management, or as many now call it Digital Restrictions Management is continually being forced upon us. It was in the news recently that the Blu-ray format was going to have a large capacity to restrict users rights, similarly HD-DVD will have much the same, if slightly less features. Now the Movie companies have said that most of the features will go unused most of the time, however you should keep in mind that your Blu-ray/HD-DVD player will regularly update its licensing rules, so the Disk you paid nearly £30 for may play now, but in a weeks time, even, you may find that your license to watch this is revoked for seemingly no reason.

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A Tribute to old friends

This was originally posted on on 13 April 2006, and from that moment on the site used a dark theme

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