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Republished: Censorship on the Net

This article was originally published on in May 2009

Now we all know that countries such as China intercept and filter all Internet connections within their country. It cannot have escaped the attention of many that Australia has recently been testing a firewall (with some interesting revelations on Wikileaks.) There have been suggestions that the Germans tried to censor Wikileaks, although the disconnection of the site later turned out to be related to unpaid bills.

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Republished: rejects Phorm

Originally published on 26 March 2009

I've been having a conversation with recently, they provide the DNS Re-Direct for, about Phorm and the Webwise system. Although I completely disagree with Phorms systems using Opt-Out, I also do not want to help them monetize their customers browsing behaviour.

So, some time back I sent an e-mail to their website exclusion list, stating that I did not give permission for them to scrape my site for their own benefit. I received a reply effectively stating that as the WHOIS query for the domain ( does not match my details, the request was being viewed as unauthorised and would not be actioned.

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Email and Captcha Generation Scripts

This content was originally published to

This page is to provide links to a couple of scripts that I knocked together today. One manages and processes Captcha's and the other takes input from a HTML Form and then e-mails it to you.

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Republished: A note about the PRS v Youtube Dispute

This article was originally published on in 2009

There has been a bit in the news recently about Google's decision to remove access to Youtube hosted music from UK users. This is as a result of a breakdown of talks between the Performing Rights Society, and Google itself.

In statements, PRS has identified the problem as arising from Google not being willing to pay more than a pittance. Google states that the dispute has arisen because of the vast jump in PRS Fees.

The PRS has now set up a website - Fair play for creators - dedicated to pushing their message of Performers and Composers rights.

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Republished: IWF Punts it's blacklist some more

This article was originally published on in 2009

Well, between them, the IWF and the NSPCC are doing quite a job of advertising their Child Porn Blacklist but it seems that some of the smaller ISP's are refusing to implement it. This is largely based on a cost vs benefit argument.

And sadly, they are right. Such measures are incredibly easy to circumvent, and is not going to stop anyone even remotely interested in the material from viewing it, and that's just using a web browser, roll P2P into the equation and suddenly you start seeing how easy it would be to obtain. Let alone if you were to use one of the anonymous networks.....

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