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Republished: A couple of issues with Karmic Koala

Originally published on 05 November 2009

I reviewed Karmic Koala a few days ago, and though I did encounter a few minor niggles, everything was running quite well. However that has now changed, I've discovered two issues, both of which I would class as pretty major usability issues.

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Republished: Windows 7 vs Karmic Koala

Originally published on 01 Nov 2009 - (Images were missing at time of restoration)

Ubuntu 9.10 was released a couple of days ago with the codename 'Karmic Koala', there were plenty of reviews written immediately after the release, but this one is different? Why? Because I've taken the time to actually use the system.

I reviewed Windows 7 a few days ago, so let's start by taking a look at Koala. I'm using the Kubuntu release as I'm not a fan of Gnome.

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Republished: It's a Dangerous World

This was originally posted to back in 2009

It's a dangerous world out there, there's more than a few scams running at the moment. Whether you are trying to crack someones facebook account, or simply have a landline, there's people after your money.

Take the current phone line scam, Some guy phones you up and tells you that;

you owe the phone provider money, and you're going to be cut off if you don't pay.

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Republished: Windows 7: the Verdict

Originally published on 25 October 2009

Windows 7 has been released for all the world to use and abuse, so what do we think of it? You may recall that I wrote a review of the Windows 7 RC back in May I never got quite as far as writing a review of the RTM, which is a pity because there were a number of changes.

However, the final 'polished' version has now been released. So let's see what the final judgement is.

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Republished: Why you should never share Login Details

Originally published on Aug 2009.


Anyone who works in IT in any form knows the headache, despite signing to say they wont, users insist on sharing their login details with everyone! Whether it's because someone else can't remember their own username or simply because it's easier than logging out.

On occassion it happens because the user didn't lock their desktop before walking away, and someone else happens to need to use a PC 'quickly.'

We all know it, users just don't care about security. Why should they? It's 'Your' network to look after, not theirs. This article is aimed at that particular group to try and highlight exactly why they should care.


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