Why Internet Censorship Does Not Work - Conclusion


Hopefully this article has given you an insight into why government mandated filtering cannot work, the methods of circumvention I’ve given are some of the most simple and yet they work.


Far more advanced methods can be used, and are harder to mitigate. Do you really want everyone to foot the bill for a system that will never work quite as well as you hope and may even give some a false sense of security?


Pornography has been available since the earliest days of man, and there’s no reason to believe it’s going to go away anytime soon. If you are truly worried about the affect it may have on your children you need to stop expecting others to act, and take matters into your own hands.


You may need to search the net and read a more detailed guide than this to find the solution that fits you best, but as a parent it’s your responsibility to do so. There are not many other areas where we expect to be allowed to remain uneducated in how to work something we use regularly. Even the Car driving test now expects drivers to have some knowledge of maintenance, why should your PC be any different?


There is a perception that local measures are easily circumvented, I hope this article has shown that wider scale controls are just as easy to circumvent. If a teenager is able to circumvent something that you have installed and configured, it’s quite likely they’ll be able to figure out how to bypass anything the Government might choose to put in place.


Not only are wide-scale solutions ineffective, history has shown that once a mechanism of censorship is implemented it is often abused by those in power. Removing elected officials ability to abuse the system leads to a self regulating body such as the Internet Watch Foundation, whose record is less than clean.


It seems clear then, that when discussing suitability of material for children, those best placed to decide are not elected officials or corporate bodies but the parents of each child.


Parental responsibility cannot and should not be abrogated to government - if it is, our society will only become weaker ...” - Cory Bernardi , Australian Liberal Senator

We believe in parental responsibility, and that you should take care of what your children are reading. But it's not your responsibility to tell a whole class of kids what they should read.” - Michael Gorman, Writer