Why Internet Censorship Does Not Work - More Information: Government Intervention


Most people do not want Government Intervention for a number of reasons, but primarily because it just doesn’t work. The Chinese Government have implemented the worlds biggest censorship mechanism, and yet it is still bypassed by multiple users.


The Chinese, in fact, have an advantage because they have managed to convince their populace that the censorship is for their own good. Many of those who may otherwise bypass don’t purely because they believe the Government must be acting in their best interests.


It seems unlikely that this culture of faith will ever form in the UK, especially as each of us is able to read exactly what the consequences of it are in China.


Government Intervention/Regulation will also cost a lot of money, the hardware required does not come cheaply and every taxpayer (or Internet subscriber) will bear part of the cost, whether they have children or not.


A cost that will be needlessly spent on an intrusive and ineffective solution, we’ve already shown above how easily the two main mechanisms can be bypassed. We certainly don’t want the Government to give their censorship hardware the ability to read our encrypted connections as all pretence of privacy can be abandoned at that point!


The experiment with the Great Australian Firewall has shown just what a slippery slope Government mandated censorship is. The GAF was implemented to block ‘illegal’ content such as Child pornography and the more extreme adult pornography. It soon came out, however, that ministers had been misusing the system leading to the blocking of


  • A Queensland Dentist

  • A Kennel Operator

  • A tuckshop

  • A Photographers website (all images were rated PG by the Australian rating committee)

  • A site relating to Euthanasia

  • An Encyclopedia Dramatica article titled “Aboriginal”