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All software is released, unless otherwise stated, under the GNU GPL V2. You are therefore free to do what you wish within the restrictions of that license.

Because any items sold are digital and easily duplicated, I am unable to accept requests for refunds. I will, of course, try to help resolve any issues that users encounter but be aware that all purchases are final.

Where Images are purchased, no transferal of copyright ownership takes place. Images remain Copyright Ben Tasker and may not be re-sold unless purchased under a license explicitly permitting it.

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I have a wide variety of interests including writing and photography, my main passion though is computing. Ultimately, I enjoy problem solving, whether through software development or when managing servers. The more complex the problem the happier I am, leading to a real feeling of ambivalence whenever I'm asked to recover a compromised server - it's terrible news for the customer, but presents me with a new challenge to sink my teeth into.

Although not exclusively so, most of my current software development efforts are centred around the Joomla! Content Management System. When I have the time free I participate in the Joomla! Bug Squad, though not nearly as regularly as I'd like.

I've a pretty broad range of skills, all built up through experience, but I decided quite a long time ago not to take my memory for granted. As a result, the predecessor to this site was born, largely as a documentation project, something I continue to add to regularly. If any of that documentation is of use to others, then that's great!

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