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ClaimsDB Listener V0.2

ClaimsDB_listener is a BASH script served from the webserver of your choice and allows a remote client to access a ClaimsDB database on another machine.

It must be run on the machine hosting the database and is utilised through changes in the request URI. See the protocol  docs for more information.




Upgraded HTML Generator

The attached file is a replacement for the original HTML generator script, it resolved an issue with the way in which sitemaps were being generated.

Random Scripts

Attached are a few random scripts, inlcuding;


  • Convert Movie to MP4
  • Create a slideshow from a selection of Images
  • A playlist generator (very much obsolete!)


ClaimsDB V0.2

V0.2 of ClaimsDB was a patch release, and so the temporary download will also be required.

A newer version will be restored from backup soon!


Captcha is a basic BASH based Captcha system used to verify that a website visitor is in fact human!

You'll need to generate a database of captcha images for use (one will be provided once restored from backup).


This is an old project and may not be fit for purpose now!